Use this calculator to work out the floor area of a room

The first step in calculating how much flooring you need for a project is to work out the size of the surface area that needs covering. The calculator below allows you to enter the dimensions of your floor to calculate the total surface area.
If the room is rectangular, simply enter the width and depth of the room. If on the other hand your floor area is not a perfect rectangle try breaking the room down into rectangular sections and enter the dimensions for each section, adding each result together to give you the total floor area.
Your total surface area will be displayed on the right.

Note: To calculate the actual amount of product required you should make an allowance for the wastage that occurs during fitting. Choose to add 10% or more of wastage.

The calculator will gives you the total amount of packs and the weight of the product needed.
If you already know the number of packs, simply edit the field and the total price will automatically update.