Puntozero Biscotto

Porcelain Wall & Floor Tiles in Natural & Grip Finishes

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The PuntoZero collection comprises surfaces with different technical characteristics sharing the same material and chromatic language. Natural or semi-polished effect to emphasise a mood and style, but PuntoZero is also safety, guaranteed by the use of grip anti-skid surfaces, specific for outdoor areas. Aesthetic research and links between indoor and outdoor environments as the expressive and perceptive extension of the living space. The complete surface range in the PuntoZero collection highlights a cutting-edge tool in terms of both style and technology. The warm and cold shades used for the decorative pieces are a distinguishing creative element of PuntoZero. Three different concepts to bring out the true nature of your rooms. Advice for laying: We recommend spacing rectified tiles at least 2 mm apart. For best aesthetic results, take the tiles from different boxes. We recommend no more than 33% offset when laying the tiles in a staggered pattern.

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£80.67 / m2

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