A General Guide to Technical Icons

Variation: Shade and texture will vary from piece to piece within production runs. 

V1: Uniform Appearance. Differences amongst pieces from the same production run are minimal.

V2: Slight Variation. The colour of the tiles is basically uniform with some shading in similar tones.

V3: Average Variation. The product has deliberately moderate variation in the shading, resulting from the original grain or veining of the natural materials. Whilst the colours present on a single piece of tile will be indicative of the colour on all tiles, the colour on each piece may vary significantly from tile to tile.

V4: Substantial Variation. Random colour differences from tile to tile with some tiles featuring completely different colours from others.  Noticeable variation with strong contrasts contributing to the overall effect.

Frost Proof

Frost resistance indicates that the tile will not be damaged through the stresses generated by the moisture content freezing.

Slip Resistance

Tiles have a surface structure providing a degree of slip resistance indicated by a recognised designation R9, R10 & R11.  Tiles with the higher designation R11 A+B+C can generally be used in wet areas and externally where conditions can vary.

Deep Abrasion Resistance 

For unglazed floor tiles this is the capacity of the tile surface to resist wear.


Products realised using technologies that reduce the consumption of natural resources and minimise the impact of harmful substances on the environment, thus safeguarding the ecosystem.


Combines new graphic technology to create faithful reproductions of a variety of textures, colours and surfaces.